WBBW is a business consultancy specialising in creating value within organisations through close involvement in growth strategy, financial structuring and corporate health implementation. WBBW services a range of businesses in various industries globally.

OUR 20 MINUTE PROMISE“No complicated slideshows, no glossy brochures, just give me 20 minutes alone with you on a problem or idea of your choosing and you will know if WBBW is the right fit for your company”

– W. Bierman 2015

This ’20 minute promise’ draws on our Group’s own simplicity model and the idea that a consulting service does not have to be formal and rigid, but rather fluid and adaptable to the needs of business decision makers and their environment. Our clients enjoy a casual interaction on a regular basis allowing them to naturally develop an aligned and carefully formulated strategy to ensure that their organisation is run optimally and in a manner that fits their corporate culture, with the ultimate goal of value creation.

Corporates and high net-worth individuals alike, have on many occasions indicated that they have gained incredible value and personal growth from our services and enjoyed the simple and casual approach to the ‘informal corporatising’ of their business and processes along the journey towards achieving their goals. Most of all, our approach is one of a collaboration rather than dictatorship, continuously acting as a sounding board to the key decision makers within an organisation to clear the clutter, amplify opportunities and ultimately help them make the right call when it is needed.

So, do you have 20 minutes? It could be the first step to unlocking the true value of your business.